Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are displeased with the services provided, we will refund back the money, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read the fine prints of each deal before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase.

In case of dissatisfaction from our services, clients have the liberty to cancel their projects and request a refund from us. Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:


  1. Cancellations:
    1. For any online paid appointments, you can cancel your scheduled or re-booked appointment and initiate immediate refund at any time. Immediate refund shall be subject to terms and conditions as described under this section mentioned below.
    2. In the event the services are not availed at the appointed date and time and our systems do not validate the URN generated on your registered mobile number, we will automatically cancel your appointment at 12:00 midnight of next date of your appointment date.
    3. aOccasionally, appointments may be cancelled or postponed by the Third Party Service Provider. Should this occur, we will attempt to contact or inform you and you may re- schedule your appointment as per your convenience or visit for fresh/re-booking on the Website.
    4. Cancellation through mail or call centre is allowed for all the bookings until the time of appointment or 12:00 midnight of next date of your appointment date. In such cases, we will initiate immediate refund of your money as per the process defined below.
  2. Rescheduling:
    1. Re-scheduling of all appointments can be done only until the auto-cancellation is done from our systems. Once the auto cancellation is generated, cancellation, and refund process as mentioned under this section should be followed and re-process for a fresh/re-booking, if need be.
    2. You can re-schedule your appointment i.e. book your appointment for a different date and time; with the same Third party Health Service Provider for the same type of healthcare service.
    3. In case of re-scheduling, if there is any difference in the charges for re-scheduled appointment, we will either collect the differential amount or refund the same, as the case may be.
  3. Re-booking:
    1. You can re-book your appointment by changing the particulars of your appointment i.e. provider, type of service, date and time etc.
    2. Re-booking of all appointments can be done at the choice of the Customer and in such cases customer has to click on “Cancellation and rebook” option displayed in my account section of the customer.
    3. For all appointments which are re-booked cases, the amount paid by the customer for the previous booking can be utilized within 24(twenty four) hours from the date on which cancellation is initiated by the customer and before instruction to refund is initiated from our end & processed by the payment gateway integrated on our Website.
    4. Your previous booking amount will be reflected by way of credits in your account. 1 credit = 1 rupee.
    5. In case money for your re-booked appointment is adjusted against the money paid for previous booking, following may be applicable, as the case may be:
      • If the charges for re-booking appointment are more than the amount paid for previous booking, you will be required to pay the shortfall amount for completing the re-booked appointment.
      • If the charges for re-booking appointment are less than the amount paid for previous booking, we will initiate immediate refund for the differential amount.
  4. Refunds:
    1. Upon receipt a valid cancellation, we will initiate refund of your money in the same manner as the money was received.
    2. In case you fail to utilize previous booking money for any re-booking cases, we will initiate immediate refund within expiry of 24(twenty four) hours from the date of cancellation.
    3. Typically, all refunds are processed with 14(fourteen) working days from the date immediate refund is initiated at our end.
    4. Pease note that we shall not be responsible for any delays in credit to the Cardholder's credit card account/ accountholder’s bank account due to any reasons cited by the Payment Gateway or Cardholder's issuing bank.
    5. You will be provided with refund reference number for further communication with your bank.
    6. No refunds / cancellation requests shall be entertained in case of payment against bills / Services received.
    7. Under no circumstances, cash will be refunded against any cancellation.


  1. Registration on the Website and the access to the information provided on the Website is free. does not charge any fee for accessing, and browsing through the Website. However, may collect payments (which shall include applicable taxes and service fee/commission of from You on behalf of Third Party Service Providers through RBI authorized payment collectors or gateways. You agree and acknowledge that You shall not hold responsible for any loss or damage caused to You during the process of collection of payments from You, or due to any acts or omission on the part of third parties viz. payment collectors or for any actions/ omissions which are beyond the control of
  2. All fees displayed on the Website are inclusive of applicable taxes.
  3. reserves the right to modify the fee structure by providing on the Website which shall be considered as valid and agreed communication.
  4. In order to process the payments, might require details of User’s/ Third Party Service Providers’ bank account, credit card number etc. Please check Our Privacy Policy on how uses the confidential information provided by Users.